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June 12, 2005
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Look into the night -felicia- by tailsrulz Look into the night -felicia- by tailsrulz
this came out alright :D I really like that outfit, it's so sexy but yet, mature o.o
I have to thank shadowwolf (again), for her "Dance with me" pic (see favorites) made me realize I was making stars WAAY too big, they are much smaller and realistic in this picture. She's getting light from two sides BTW, one from the house (she's on a porch), and one from the moon.
PSP7, 3 hours, 9 layers, Felicia is mine, 200 DPI (1700X2200) buy o.o
outfit altered from this [link]
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Wolfrex34 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  New member
Ella Se ve muy sexyIT'S SO AMAZING  - Edd Icon 
shadow1354 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011
this is realy cute
sleepthinker Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2010
this looks great the outfit is really sexy
Lolhoracio12 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010
Very nice to felicia look in the moon light.
Lethonai Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice. I love the character posture and ovarall atmosphere. Very well done.
Bagi23 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2008
wow, very romantic...
SomeRedDame Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2006
Ah, I love the detail on the outfit, and the moon looks gorgeous!!
anthro-guy Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2005
omg! sexy!
vulpixgrant Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2005
I always say I'm not going to look at the Felicia Picture... She's not a Fox... Good god am I glad she's not! You continue to amaze me with Felicia! Yeah yeah, the Outfit is nice and the setting is very cool and detailed. *I'm a sucker for a good starlit moonlit sky with a cute girl in it.* - But the thing that impresses me most about this picture is just Felicia's Face! I mean, come on, has anybody else ever seem a more adorable facial expression!?! Like she's falling asleep or something. Felicia seems to go full circle with you Tailsrulz! First she's a secondary character in a green dress. Then she's posing in her furr coat against a moonlight sky. *Very Cool* Then she's cute again in a tree! Then she's looking very menacing and pleesing pulling the strings to her top, and now she's just adorable and suttle against a country mool lit sky.

Out of all the series of Pictures you do. Renamon, Ninetails, Cassandra. Felicia... The Tigress Cat... Has defidentley become my favorite. I don't think you can do anything at all to mess her up! She can be the calm neighborhood beauty, or the sexy predator, and everything inbetween. Dude, you ROCK! Keep the Felicia's Comming! Felicia, the Beauty Predator of Tailsrulz!
ShelaFox Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2005
i have to fav this +fav
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